The Association of European Physicians for Psychosomatic Medicine (AEPM) represents the interests of the medical specialty "Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy", the psychosomatic approach and psychosomatic treatment in patient care, education, teaching, specialist training, research and prevention throughout Europe.

The Association aims to contribute to patients’ best possible health by providing a quality-assured psychosomatic approach, beyond current fragmentation in medicine throughout Europe.


The AEPM promotes high quality psychosomatic care in Europe by:

Raising awareness of the fundamental importance of psychoemotional aspects of health for quality of life and the prevention of diseases

Developing Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy as an independent and equal medical specialisation for physicians

Providing postgraduate training programs for physicians on two levels; specialist and basic psychosomatic care

Implementation of psychosomatic medicine in national healthcare systems

Raising awareness of the crucial importance of the doctor-patient relationship

Creating an international network of physicians specialized in Psychosomatic Medicine

Representing the interests of its members to other organisations, institutions, bodies, and the public throughout Europe



The term Psychosomatic Medicine denotes a medical specialty, dealing scientifically and, in its medical care obligation, with those diseases for which the precondition for successful treatment  is understanding their pathogeneses and maintainment of symptoms under bio-psycho-social, cultural and ecological contexts and interdependencies.

The subjective, individually experienced living environment of the affected person, his physical suffering and his social involvement are recognized as influenceable processes of complex dynamic systems.

Psychosomatic Medicine considers the subjective and the objective side of being healthy and being ill, as well as man’s experiencing and shaping of his relationships over his whole life span, and is thus relevant for the promotion of self-healing.

Psychosomatic Medicine is conceptualized as a specific medical domain as well a transdisciplinary approach. Based on the psychosomatic attitude, differential diagnoses and therapy plans are established. Psychosomatic Medicine is comprised of health promotion, prevention, curative, and rehabilitative medicine.